I’m honored to have someone share their
story with me.
— Glenn Scott Lacey

Americonic Film's story starts in 2012.  I had been working for many years as a film composer in Hollywood on shows like Power Rangers and Transformers when I was bitten by the director's bug. Soon after making my first short film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner, I decided to move to Oregon and co-found a film production company.  The idea was to focus on authentic stories and creative projects that invited me into new worlds. 


In a short time the company grew to include many talented people from the vibrant independent film community here in Portland Oregon.  We've created feature length documentaries, mini-docs, television commercials, web content, music videos, event films, book release films, art films, and promotional videos. We would love to help you share your story. 

Glenn Scott Lacey - director/filmmaker